Heavy Acrylic Modern Theory Mixing

The original line of Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paint is known for exceptionally smooth, thick buttery consistency. It contains the largest assortment of unique pure pigments in a 100% Acrylic Emulsion vehicle available to the professional artist. Modern Theory Mixing Set. Modern theory color mixing sæt med farverne: Benzimidazolone Yellow Light Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium Naphtol Red Light Quinacridone Magenta Anthraquinone Blue Phthalo Blue (G.S.) Phthalo Green (B.S.) Titanium White. 562,00 kr. Lagerstatus: Udsolgt.

Golden Color Mixing Set Of 8 Classic Theory

GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics are noted for their exceptionally smooth, rich, buttery consistency. The HB Colors can be mixed with all of our GOLDEN Mediums, Gels and other paint lines, including our High Flow Acrylics, Fluid Acrylics, High Load Colors, Iridescent Colors, Paste Paints, and Matte... Colour Mixes Acrylic Paint Color Mixing Color Mix Chart. Golden Heavy Body Acrylics color chart Since acrylic paints dry so quickly you do not want to mix on your painting because your paints might dry The liquitex acrylic color map & mixing guide [chart]. Color chart displays manufactured color.