Hoya Irnd 1 8 Infrared Neutral

Neutral density (ND) filters are the most demanded and essential type of photographic filters because of several reasons. For photographers ND filter means precise control of the amount of light passing through the lens for greater creative control over exposure. For video content creators ND filters helps... HOYA XSL-55IRND18 Infrared Filter Description. The combination of ir suppression and exacting color balance through use latest nd materials means solas series maintains neutral that is matched in every density throughout range. A high red area of the color spectrum that leads to casting.

Hoya Solas Irnd 1 8 62mm Infrared Neutral Density Filter

A Hoya Solas IRND 1.8 (6-stop) is a denser filter, allowing the shutter speed selection to slow even further to 1 full second. When an image is produced that has a green color cast, it is often the result of a poorly designed filter. On the other hand, when infrared (IR) light penetrates the camera sensor... The Hoya SOLAS IRND filters were created using the latest materials and Japanese manufacturing processes to maintain a neutral color rendition throughout their density range of 0.3 to 3.0. A factor that a lot of ND filters do not take intoaccount is the affect of IR (Infrared) light on color.